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3 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance

Photo: Jacklyne and Addie in Pasadena, Ca on a walk

How many times a year do you take your pet to the veterinarian?

If you were to stop and count how many times you took your pet to the vet last year for check ups, medicine, ear infections etc. and how much those visits cost you, it really adds up! We took our labradoodle, Addie, to the vet last year quite a few times because of her chronic ear problems and dry skin. She also has epilepsy, which she has been taking medication for many years. A blood test, ear cleaning, ear medicine & nail clipping was well over $400 for that visit.

So, how does Pet Insurance help with routine care vs. accidents or unforseen emergencies?

#1 You can choose a plan that fits you and your pet needs. If you only want Pet Insurance that covers accidents or illness there is a plan for you. If you want a plan that covers routine care, hereditary problems, cancer etc., then you would need more comprehensive coverage.

#2 We love our pets but, the cost of expensive surgeries, cancer treatments etc. is not affordable for most pet owners. If you choose an insurance plan that has comprehensive medical coverage, you won't have to think twice about saving your pet's life. Like all insurance, there are exclusions but, most plans cover a wide variety of issues even if they are exisiting problems.

#3 Most pet insurance companies today do not discriminate against the age of the pet or breed and allow you to choose any veterinarian you want. If you already have had your pet for years and have been going to the same veterinarian then, that should not be a problem.

One of the more well known Pet Insurance companies is, VPI Pet Insurance and is located in Brea, CA. They provide pet insurance for: cats, dogs, birds and other animals. They also provide reviews from their customers on their website as well. I can not testify if this company is good or bad, I just want to provide an option for pet owners that are interested in Pet Insurance for their pets.

VPI Pet Insurance


Photo: Addie our 7 year old labradoodle

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Arcadia, Ca


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