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4 Ways to Support Your Local Animal Shelter!

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You are probably thinking, "I barely have time to sleep, eat & enjoy my favorite TV show at night, let alone help at my local animal shelter!" Am I right?

I know how busy life can be, so I wanted to share some simple ways YOU can get involved and still make a difference. Since I started San Gabriel Valley Pet Care, I have joined forces with my local animal shelter, San Gabriel Valley Humane Society located in San Gabriel, Ca. I am already in the dog walking business, so I decided to volunteer every Sunday in the morning to walk the dogs at the shelter.

Below are 4 easy ways you can get involved with your local animal shelter and really make a difference:


Photo: Addison and Jacklyne supporting the Pasadena Humane Society adoption event in Glendora, Ca

#1 Donate towels, sheets, unopened canned cat or dog food, newspapers, unopened cat litter, old leashes, old collars, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and anything else you think the shelter can utilize. Last week I went to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and dropped off a huge bag of newspapers that I had been saving up at my home. Its that easy! I am sure you can think of 1 of those items that you can spare.

#2 Social Media is a convenient and fast way for people to connect with their local shelter by sharing posts on your Facebook and Twitter page. By sharing your local animal shelter's website and information you are helping connect people who migh have lost their pet or want to adopt a pet. It really makes a difference!

#3 Transport Animals from the shelter to their adoption event, to their foster home, to their forever home and wherever they need to go. Animal shelters desperately need people to help transport animals so that the pets can be seen and hopefully adopted! If you can spare even 1 or 2 hours on the weekend this would be a great help.

#4 Online Orders are a great way to donate if you don't have the time or the items at your home that the shelters need. Many shelters have Wish List Pages on Amazon that will allow you to donate an item they need by purchasing it on Amazon. The item gets sent directly to them! Voilà! Just takes the click of a button to make an impact on a pet's life.

Check out San Gabriel Valley Humane Society's wish list on Amazon by clicking on the link SGVHS Wish List

Please share your experience with supporting your local animal shelter! At San Gabriel Valley Pet Care, we are always looking to improve pets' lives.

Jacklyne & Jeanine Tesoro

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

Arcadia, Ca

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