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4 Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

We adopted our dog, Addison, 7 years ago and she has given my family so much happiness. As a pet owner, it is amazing to experience the unique bond you grow to have with your furry friend. Since I started San Gabriel Valley Pet Care, I have been able to interact with many different kinds of pets one-on-one. If you are young, old or somewhere in between, a pet can change your life for the better.

Addison and I at the Beach.jpg

Photo: "Addison and I at the dog beach in Huntington Beach."

Health Benefits:

#1 Companionship provided by our pets make us less depressed. We live busy lives these days; So having a companion by our side can make us feel like we have a reason to get up in the morning.

#2 Owning a pet can make us more calm in many situations. Having a pet to come home to has a calming effect. Ever notice that your pet is always happy to see you? Thats why our furry friends are so special.

#3 Having a pet can make you become more sociable with other pets and people. All of us arent the most outgoing by nature; So having a pet gets us out of the house and able to interact with people and pets at the park, at restaurants, at the vet and other places pets are welcomed.

#4 Our pets make us exercise on a regular basis, this makes us feel better physically and mentally. I know some days I just want to sleep in past 7am but, thats not possible when you have a 67 lb dog that needs regular exercise and dog walking clients waiting for you! After all of my dog walks I always am in a better mood and feel better about myself.

Please share with us how your pet has improved your life! We would love to hear from you. If you know of someone that can benefit from this article then, share it with them!

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

Arcadia, CA

Jacklyne & Jeanine Tesoro

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