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3 Top Dog Breeds Found at the Shelter


This article will look at some of the top dog breeds that will be found at the animal shelter. Some dogs have been publicized in the media as being "aggressive", "yappy", "vicious" etc. In the photo above, is a pit bull named Jessie that is one of my dog walking clients. Jessie was rescued by her owner after she had experienced quite a hard life. Unfortunately, this dog breed, like many others are overlooked at the shelters because of misconceptions about them.

#1 American Pit Bull Terrier

This one is no surprise. This breed is known as being "aggressive" by media sources. Also, this breed is abused and misused the most. I have two pit bulls that I dog walk for and they are both very sweet, loving, and trusting. Its sad that this breed shows up in the shelters so much because they really have not been given a fair shake. If you are interested in adopting a loving pit bull in the Los Angeles area you can contact Angel City Pit Bulls.

#2 Labrador Retriever (Especially Black in Color)

Labradors are well know to be very friendly and playful breeds. One of the reasons why these dogs are found in the shelter is due to overbreeding and being black in color. It is sad but true that most of the dogs at the shelters are black. The white colored dogs almost ALWAYS get adopted out first. If you are interested in adopting a labrador you can contact California Lab Rescue.

#3 German Shepherd

This dog used to be widely used as a police dog and known to be a great protector. Unfortunately, people have given many German Shephers up to the shelters because they did not know how much exercise these dogs need. German Shephers need a job to do! They are not ok with just laying around the house or the back yard. This is why there are so many in the shelters today. If you are interested in fostering or adopting a German Shepherd in the Los Angeles area then you can contact Westside German Shepherd.

Please share your experience with us if you have one of these dig breeds. Knowledge is power! Educating people about how these breeds are will help lose the stigma.

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