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Urgent Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners!


How can we keep our pets safe in case of an emergency situation? I will share a few important tips that will help you prepare for a disaster such as a fire or earthquake. This is especially important if you leave your pet at home during your work day.

Emergency Pet Tips:

#1 Make sure you have a rescue alert sticker placed by your entrance door so that people know you have a pet at home and can save your pet in case of an emergency. The ASPCA gives free disaster alert stickers. All you have to do is log on to their website and fill in your information and you will receive one in the mail. I did it and it was really simple!

Click this link to receive your free disaster alert sticker!

#2 Make sure you have planned where your pet will go in case of an emergency. Maybe your friend's house, family's house or a local animal shelter can take in your beloved pets. Make sure you know this in advance so you are not scrambling if an earthquake comes. Especially living in Los Angeles, we are in a fault zone so you can never be too careful. Remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake?!

#3 You need to have emergency supplies on hand in case of an evacuation situation. If you live in the hills of Glendora and Sierra Madre then, you can definitely relate to this.

You should have: Pet First Aid Kit, dry pet food, paper towels, bottled water preferably, flashlight, blankets, medications (if your pet needs it), litter (if you have a cat), your pet's medical records, garbage bags, gauze, bandages, collar, leash, ID tags, crate for your pet & food bowls.

There are other things to be added to this list but, you should definitely have these items ready!

#4 Make sure your pet is microchipped! I know that all of the local shelters are doing this now if you adopt a new pet but, if your pet is not microchipped and happens to get lost it will be VERY difficult to track him/her. We wouldnt want you to lose your furry family member. Contact any of your local animal shelters and they will advise you how to get affordable microchipping for your pet.

These are the most important tips I wanted to share especailly because the summer months always lead to higher fire season. If you know someone that can benefit from this article please share it with them. It may save their pet's life!

Information Source:

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

Jacklyne & Jeanine Tesoro


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