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Top Fruits & Vegetables your Dog Can't Eat!

Red Berries

I wanted to share this article because it is important for pet owners to be aware of what foods to avoid giving to their pet. Since, I have dog walking clients I see regularly, I always try to educate my pet parents about things I have read about. Knowledge is power! Right?

#1 Grapes & Raisins

Both of these items can cause irreversible damage to your pet's kidneys. Now, you might be thinking, "Do all dogs become ill from eating grapes & raisins?" The answer is, no not all dogs will become sick from eating these items but, it's better to be safe than sorry! In general these should be avoided if you have a dog.

#2 Cherries

The main concern with cherries is the pit inside of it. The pit is toxic to your dog and can cause respiratory failure. Also, keep your pet away from the cherry plant because this plant itself is toxic to your dog.

#3 Mushrooms

Our dog for some reason always likes to walk on the lawns that have mushrooms growing in them. I am always vigilant of mushrooms growing because some types of mushrooms are toxic but, not all. If your dog happens to get mushroom toxicity it could be fatal.

#4 Raw Potatoes

This was surprising to me because many dog foods contain potatoes in it. But, the raw uncooked potatoes are what is toxic for our dogs. Vomiting and seizures may occur.

#5 Apple Seeds

I was also surprised by this because I have fed my dog apples in the past and did not even think if I had accidently given her a seed or not. The seed of the apple has cyanide in it which, is deadly for our dog.

***If you detect that your pet has eaten something toxic then, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control immediately***


Please share your experience with us about any fruits or vegetables that your pet has consumed that made him/her ill. It is important to share your knowledge with fellow pet owners.

We look forward to reading your responses.

Information source from:

-Jacklyne Tesoro

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

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