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Pros and Cons of Declawing your Cat's Nails


"My cat scratches a lot and I am afraid she might ruin the furniture or the carpet." Maybe this scenario sounds like your situation, or maybe you have children or a dog and you dont want your cat to scratch either of them.

This topic has caused much heated debated between vets, pet parents, and other pet advocates. Some veterinarians still perform the declawing procedure and others will not perform the procedure at all. The city of Los Angeles banned declawing of cats as of 2009.

Some will argue that if cats are born with nails then, they should keep them. Also, cats naturally scratch to mark their territory and this is part of their natural evolution. Others have said, that this cosmetic procedure gives them peace of mind so that their pet will not ruin the interior of their house or scratch other people.

Please share your experience with us about this topic. Have you had your cat declawed? Are you against this procedure? We are always looking to gain new knowledge from pet owners at San Gabriel Valley Pet Care. We also provide pet sitting for cats so we like to understand the mindset of our clients.

-Jacklyne Tesoro

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

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