Does my dog have a food allergy?

Addison our labradoodle

Our dog, Addison, used to always lick her paws, hind legs, and rear area constantly even, religiously. My mom and I tried to figure out if she had fleas or ticks possibly, but we ruled that out. Then, we thought it could be the cleaning/detergent products that we use for the floor and the sheets, then we ruled that out.

Does this sound familiar? After many costly trips to the vet we finally figured out that she was allergic to her dog food. My mom used to buy her beef flavored canned dog food from Trader Joe's that we found her to be allergic to. Well, we used to feed her beef dog food when she was younger, now she is 7, and it didnt bother her. So how could she be allergic after all of this time? After much reading, I found that a dog, like humans, can become allergic to something later on in life.

I became very fascinated by the dog food industry and started reading up on the different ingredients these companies use in their products and speaking to various people who are knowledgeable about the topic. I also got a sales license and decided to pair up with a local wholesaler who only sells all organic dog food.

Here is what I learned about pet food in brief:

  • Do not focus on the pretty label or about the brand recognition, like Purina

  • Look at the ingredients first on all pet food you buy

  • Look for products that do not contain: corn, wheat, soy, by product meal, gluten meal, artificial coloring, menadione(form of Vitamin K)

  • Some pets, like our dog, can be allergic to beef and chicken as well

If you would like to see your dog food rating, check out this website that I use. This website breaks down each ingredient and tells you why it is a beneficial or non-beneficial ingredient.

Does your pet have a food allergy? Please share with us. We are always striving to know more about pet care and pet health.

-Jacklyne Tesoro

San Gabriel Valley Pet Care

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